African Heritage

Children's Picture Books

Children’s books about Africa and the African diaspora are generally few and far between, particularly in the U.S. publishing industry. This book list was created by Readers Inspired with the goal of providing teachers, parents, researchers, and children’s literature enthusiasts a comprehensive list of picture books with African heritage themes! We also hope this list will inspire publishers to address the significant gap of books about Africa and by African authors.

This book list is cataloged by the:

  • setting of the story,

  • country of origin of the main character, or

  • country of origin of the authors.

Included below the country-specific listings are books categorized as either not country-specific or Pan-African.

Book titles marked with an *asterisk were not written by an African or Black author.  This is done to promote books by African or Black authors while still sharing other stories with African leads or themes.

If you would like to contribute to this project by sharing a title for inclusion, please email us at

Country-Specific Titles

Not Country Specific



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