About ME

Aminata’s debut children’s book, The Biggest Little Brother, began as a story loosely based on her own experiences as a first-generation Sierra Leonean–American and it blossomed into a story reflecting the changing landscape of American families.

Aminata fell in love with words overhearing as her parents and relatives tell stories of “back home.” But, as a little girl, the rich and colorful stories her family shared, seemed to contradict the popular narrative of Africa that she encountered in they books they read at school. Children’s literature seemed to always tell a story of Africa as a continent filled with animals and plagued with poverty.

Years later, as a teacher, Aminata found that not much had changed regarding children’s literature. There was still a significant gap in children’s book reflecting the diverse and multi-cultural experiences. This inspired her desire to write children’s stories that allowed more children to see their experiences reflected in literature in a positive and authentic way. Now, Aminata works in the field of international development as a child literacy adviser.