Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Where are you from?

A: I’m am from Sierra Leone and the United States.

Q: What made you want to write The Biggest Little Brother?

A: I wanted to see stories like my own available to young children. Children with immigrant parents are the fastest growing group of American children.

The number of African immigrants in the United States is also growing at historic rates. However, children’s literature rarely feature African children, particularly African immigrant children.

Q: Do you think stories with immigrant themes are easy to relate to for a wide audience?

A: Definitely! While there are nuances to the experiences of children of immigrants, there are also so many similarities between their experiences, feeling and desires to children whose families who have long ties to a country.

In my writing, I hope to find a balance in telling stories which shows how similar children are in their hopes, dreams, and fears, while providing opportunities to see some of the more layered experiences which contributes our diverse experiences.

Q: Will you come talk at my event?

A: Sure, check out my contact page to connect with me!